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6 Reasons Why You Should Clean that Carpet

Why do you have that carpet on your floor? Is it because of the aesthetic factor it gives to your room? Is it because of the safety cushion it gives to the family especially the kids? Is it because of that fluffy feeling whenever you stand on it? No matter what your reasons are, we … Continue reading

The Importance of Keeping Your Carpet Clean

What do you think is the reason why you clean your carpets? Is it just to impress the visitors? Or is there a hazard involved? In this blog, Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. will be taking about the importance of having a carpet, including the facts you did not know if you neglect this responsibility. … Continue reading

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Cleaning Services 101: Stripping and Waxing the Floor

Being a business owner or a home owner does not simply mean telling people who the boss is. It also means you need to take responsibility over your property and your business. One of the many responsibilities of an owner is maintaining and cleaning their place. A building needs to be maintained in order for … Continue reading

Clean Environments Lead to Better Moods

A dirty environment can have a large negative effect on your moods and on many other aspects of your health. The clutter, disorganization, and dirt can cause depression, making it hard to focus and adding to the stress you experience on a daily basis. This is why finding exceptional cleaning services in Richmond, Virginia such … Continue reading