Taylor's Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc.
Mission Statement

Commercial Cleaners in Richmond VA & the nearby counties

man holding cleaning toolsIn order that we can achieve our mission of ultimate customer satisfaction, we are bound by the core values of Planning, Focusing, Organizing, and Auditing:

Planning – Regular planning is done in order that we can gauge what the market trend is. This will ensure that we understand what our clients want and see to it that we are able to come up with new services, establish our strength, and re-organize our goals in the business.

Focusing – This allows us to motivate the people who deliver the services to our service users, such that we can focus on the suggestions of our customers, resolve issues on site, and recognize the need to craft for more essential services.

Organizing– This provides us the chance to see what more needs to be done in the delivery of cleaning services to our clients. Additionally, we can plan ways to improve how the delivery of cleaning services will be carried out and train the right people so that immediate mobilization of manpower can commence.

Auditing – Regular checks allow us to see loopholes in the system we currently employ. This will facilitate and streamline the process at hand. The maintenance activities will ensure that goals are accomplished as planned and the outcomes will serve as a guide to continually refine the existing services we render to our users.