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Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia

Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. (TEJS) is an environmentally conscious provider of Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia that has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for commercial and residential properties based on an understanding of their client’s unique needs.

TEJS understands that in business, keeping your property well maintained and exceptionally clean is extremely important to your image. We pride ourselves on “cleaning with a purpose” – which is a commitment to conduct frequent inspections, develop and maintain excellent communication with our clients, as well as providing a personalized and dependable service.

cleaning materialsYour Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. representative will discuss with you the best methods for your venue’s cleaning, maintaining, stripping, and waxing in Virginia. And TEJS always uses environmentally safe products to keep every work environment pleasant, as well as clean!

  1. Mr. Taylor is very professional and takes his work seriously. Mr. Taylor pays attention to detail and customer's requests are valued. He's reliable, dependable and prompt which are qualities that are greatly appreciated. He has been cleaning my carpet for the past 6 years. I recommend him for every job in your business or home.

    - Angela

  2. Mr. Taylor is the professional at all times. He is reliable, dependable and an enjoy to work with. He's precise and detail-oriented with every single job he has. I would recommend Mr. Taylor 100%.

    - Pamela Jackson

  3. Thank you Rebecca. It was a pleasure working with you !!!

    - taylorsejs

  4. Thank you Rebecca, Happy to be of service and I am looking forward to working with you again. Kim

    - Kim Taylor

  5. The service we receive is fantastic as well as the pricing is reasonable. They work around our schedules and make sure they stay until everything looks great. I would recommend them to anyone that needs any janitorial services.

    - Rebecca