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Revive Your School Floors with a Good Stripping and Waxing Service

Revive Your School Floors with a Good Stripping and Waxing Service

School kids have a lot of active times at the gym, so it often easily gets worn out. But keeping them looking brand new makes it an inviting place for your students to be in, which also helps them socialize personally, rather than always being behind a gadget.

Providers of Cleaning Services in Richmond Virginia help school gyms and hallways that have heavy foot traffic keep looking clean and brand-new. This promotes a clean environment that will help the staff and students feel safe and healthy while they are in school.

  • Always Looking Brand-New
    An expertly done floor provided with stripping and waxing in Virginia will aid in making school hallways looking brand-new every day, plus it simply gives a fresh look that always appears to be newly-cleaned and well taken care of. The prestige of having gleaming floors can add points to your school’s overall cleanliness for being a well-maintained environment for kids.

  • Loose Flooring Get Spotted
    Preparing a surface for stripping and waxing will help identify loose tiles or floorboards that need to be repaired or replaced because floors that get a lot of foot traffic will have faster wearing and tearing. A consistent floor cleaning service will easily maintain the longevity of waxed floors.

  • Easier Clean-up
    After stripping and waxing, floor polishing leaves a clear and shiny surface on your gym floors that will help keep out any moisture from building up and getting to the floor material. Most types of liquid spillage will be easier to clean up since the liquid will not adhere to the shiny surface of a waxed floor. That is why getting an experienced team to do the job can warrant even surfaces with equally waxed floors on all corners.

Anyone with valuable floor areas can take great advantage of stripping and waxing services to make their floors last longer and age properly. Schools for one have large floor areas that get very busy – at least 9 months a year – and maintaining good floors make it a healthy environment for kids.

Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. loves reviving all types of floors. Get in touch with us for any of your school floor makeover projects.

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