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3 Basic Reasons to Regularly Wax and Polish Your Floors

3 Basic Reasons to Regularly Wax and Polish Your Floors

If you have an establishment with heavy foot traffic, a homeowner in need of a restoration project, or simply looking out for the health of your floor surfaces, our services on stripping and waxing in Virginia can make your floors gleam and looking new again.

Our Cleaning Services in Richmond Virginia range from carpet cleaning to deep cleaning (with and without cleaning machines) to floor polishing. If you are looking to keep the health of your floor, here is a lowdown of its benefits:

  • Maintains and Spots Repairs
    Whether you are running a hotel or a food chain, floors are one of the most important things that people use every time they enter your establishment. The foyer is the first thing your guests will walk on and keeping it clean and shiny is a sure way to make good first impressions on your clients.

    Floor maintenance helps spot sections that need repairing to prevent further damage from spreading toward other floor sections. If you have a vinyl tile flooring, it may be necessary to have them checked by experts like us to see whether the adhesive is still in effect and has not caused one or two tiles to come loose.

  • Maintains Overall Look
    Another way of keeping work floors looking healthy is by having floor degreasing services. These can help maintain the safety of your place and your staff in addition to keeping up with necessary health codes compliance since shift-schedule cleaning may not be enough to take out stubborn grease and grime. Regular floor cleaning also preserves your flooring from premature aging.

  • Keeps Floors Protected
    Expertly done floor waxing and floor polishing can ensure the life of your floors since proper stripping and waxing makes for even, ready-for-polishing surfaces. This process keeps your floors waterproof since it becomes the necessary layer that coats your floor material; shielding it from liquid spillage, scuff marks, and foot traffic which then prevents it from getting in direct contact with the original material and making it last longer.

We utilize environment-friendly solutions on all our floor cleaning services to ensure that only safe solutions are used to answer your cleaning needs.

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