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Cleaning Services 101: Stripping and Waxing the Floor


Being a business owner or a home owner does not simply mean telling people who the boss is. It also means you need to take responsibility over your property and your business.

One of the many responsibilities of an owner is maintaining and cleaning their place. A building needs to be maintained in order for it to last. You also need to clean it to draw clients in or to make your place livable. That’s why you have to know the different terminologies used in cleaning services and how it can benefit your property.

In this blog, Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. will be talking about stripping and waxing the floor. Here are some facts you need to know about this service:

  • Stripping and waxing is essential for your floor.

    Floors are not made to be shiny and lustrous every day. Various conditions can make your floor become dirty and unattractive to individuals’ eyes. Over time, your floor can become dull and discolored.

    Once you notice this, it is time to take action by stripping and waxing your floor.

    Stripping floors is technically used in the sanitation and janitorial industry. It refers to removing the old wax, dirt, dust, soil, or debris completely.

    As experienced providers of quality and responsive Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia, we can testify that this is one of the most time-consuming and exhausting parts of our job. If done by an amateur, it can ruin your floor forever.

    Waxing floors, on the other hand, is done right after stripping the floor. Its purpose is to polish and preserve the cleanliness of the floor after it has been thoroughly stripped. Think of it as putting nail polish to a perfectly manicured nail.

  • Choosing the ingredients in stripping and waxing is vital.

    Choosing the right ingredients and equipment in stripping and waxing floors is not a piece of cake. In fact, you have a lot of things to take into consideration. These considerations include:

    1. The type of floor
      Cleaning services do not just pick out strippers and wax sealers at random. They also inspect what your floor is made up of.
    2. The compatibility of the stripper and the wax sealer
      The stripper and the wax sealer can spell trouble if both products are not in sync.
    3. The tools used
      The products used for stripping and waxing floors need to be used with tools. Using the right tools can make the process easier and faster.
  • Knowing who to call is the key to proper stripping and waxing.
    Being an owner of a house or establishment is not difficult. You just need a partner who offers services such as stripping and waxing in Virginia. Consider the experience of the cleaning service you want to employ.

As clients, you should be aware of the services offered by your local providers of Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia. Do you have questions about stripping and waxing floors? Ask them straight away!

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